Condition: USED

Important Information:

Gazelle is no longer using the A, B, C, D, grading system. Unless specifically stated otherwise, products offered through the Gazelle Marketplace will fall within the following standard: Whenever possible, devices will be tested for powering up. LCD’s will likely have scratched or possibly broken screens including scratched/bent casing. Some units will be only slightly used and in excellent condition, while others may need significant repair and are non-functional. These varied conditions may exist within a single order. Nevertheless, all units will be FMI unlocked (Apple) or equivalent lock disabled, unless noted otherwise. Please be advised that no other features are tested including but not all inclusive: Camera, Battery, Buttons, Sound, Charging Port, SIM Tray. PLEASE BID ACCORDINGLY, KNOWING THAT EACH ORDER MAY CONTAIN A VARIETY OF CONDITIONS.

  • Units do not include original accessories or packaging.
  • All units are placed into an individual bag. LPN numbers will be found on the bag label.
  • Please note, Gazelle reserves the right to issue a credit for unit shortages and/or cancel the order entirely due to inventory restraints in their secondary market.

Units NOT eligible for return/partial refund:

  • Scratches/Bent Casing
  • Issues with Camera, Battery, Buttons, Sound, Charging Port, SIM Tray
  • ESN Status Changes (Blacklisted: Account Balance, Lost/Stolen)
  • Android devices with Google account lock

Units ELIGIBLE for return/partial refund:

  • LCD Not Functional (if sold as working)
  • Wrong Model
  • iCloud ID locked (if sold as unlocked)
  • No Power (if sold as working)
  • Bad Transceiver (if sold as working)
  • Bad Microphone (if sold as working)
  • Bad Speaker (if sold as working)


Inventory Packaging
Each unit is individually wrapped and separated by cardboard within a larger box. Boxes are on pallets waiting for pick-up or delivery. BOL will be required prior to pickup. Each box has barcoded and text manifests of its contents. Boxes are then shrink wrapped with black plastic for security and safety.